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If one reads the NFHS Basketball Handbook, which has been published for over fifty (50) years, there is an obscure passage has this play situation (and I am paraphrasing here):

PLAY: A1 has reported to the Scorer. At the next the opportunity for a substitute to enter the covering official beckons A1 into the game; A1 ignores the offical and does not leave his position in front of the Scorer's/Timer's Table. RULING: This is a technical foul charge to A1 delay of game.

I do not agree with this ruling because I do not believe it fits the definition in Rule 10 for a delay of game by a player. I believe the best way to handle this situation is to ask beckon once and then put the ball into play and make A1 wait until the next opportunity to substitute.

How does this play and its questionable ruling apply to this situation? I am not sure, but I feel that if the coach pulls the substitute back, put the ball into play and get the game going.

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