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Originally Posted by Stat-Man View Post
Speaking NFHS Ruleset (CYO for those wanting details )

If a team has, say #5 and #55, is it ok to ask the referee to use both hands to report fouls on 55 and one hand for 5? I had this come up in our 8th grade boys game. It would have eliminated some confusion on one foul.

Nothing overly unusual otherwise, aside from two wedgies in one day. I had to chuckle on the wedgie in the 8th grade boys game since the arrow favored the vistors and the home fans are saying "It's white's ball - that's a bad call!"
That is also a NCAA-W mechanic. We use it when reporting and its hard when you do both High School and Womens college not to use two hand reporting on the High School level......but when it Rome....bla..bla!!!!
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