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The "Flop" on an Upswing?

Seems to me that more and more coaches in our area are teaching their defenders to set themselves up for taking the charge in the lane. As lead especially, it's easy to see it coming as I observe the defender, anticipating the crash, set him/herself up legally to bear the brunt of the impact in the lane. Happens so often that it seems to be in slow motion as the scenerio sets itself up.
With that, I'm also seeing an upswing in the number of times per game the defender does the "flop," falling to the floor without actually receiving any contact from the opponent on the drive. I had two boys' sub-level games last Thursday during which it happened no less than four times in the frosh game and three times in the jv game.
As I see it, and as I consider the rules, good sense, and proper game management, there are a variety of possibilities:
A. Do a "no call", realizing that the faker put himself at a disadvantage by putting himself on the floor while the shooter proceeded to the basket unimpeded, and just let the game proceed (and just bear the verbal wrath of the fans on both ends who might not understand "advantage/disadvantage")
B. Halt the illegal practice early by calling an unsporting technical foul for "faking being fouled" (10-3-6-f)
C. Call a block, and when the faker protests, tell him, "I could have either given you a foul for a block or a technical for faking being fouled, which do you want me to call next time?"
D. Make it a POI in the pre-game captains' conference
E. Mention it to both coaches prior to the game
F. After the first "flop", verbally warn both teams, when practical, not to do that again
G. Warn the coaches somehow during the course of the game that "faking being fouled" merits a penalty, and call a T the next one you see one
H. Other???
Do you sense an upswing in "the flop"?
If so, what, if anything, is your good-sense reaction to it?
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