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Why Do We Do This?

Could it be reasoned that "we do this" for the following reasons?

A. It's a passion
B. It's an obsession
C. It's a career
D. It's a hobby
E. It's a means of income

For those in A, B, and C, the occasional weather obstacles you mention are no big deal.

Those in C don't usually fret, because their travel costs are probably covered.

For those in D and E, I can see how such a situation can be regretful.

I'd only hope that having to overcome occasional weather challenges on the way to a game doesn't negatively affect the way we call the game once we get there.

Here in the land of Lake Effect Snow, I've got to remind myself (in A and B) of this quite often. It helps to be self-employed and able to take off as early as I need to in order to make it to a game on schedule. My heart goes out to the majority of guys whose work schedules press them into frustrating circumstances

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