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Originally Posted by slow whistle View Post
GV game the other night. We are about to put the ball in play to start the second quarter and visitor HC calls me over to the table to discuss a scoring issue. Apparently the scoreboard operator had just taken two points off the board for his team b/c the official scorer told him she did not have it in the book. Visitor book had the two points, scorer obviously had it before he took it off, and incidentally this is a clock where they have player scoring on an auxillary board (different operator) and THAT board had the two pts also. The home team was not keeping their own book. Based on the fact that the scoreboard operator had the pts as well as the visitor book (and the auxillary board), I determined that the official book was likely wrong and put the pts back on. Home coach did not seem to have a big problem with this after I explained to him what happened, but at halftime one of my partners said he didn't think I should have put it back b/c "the official book is the official book no matter what". In this case given the corroborative evidence to the contrary I disagreed. Thoughts? Did I handle correctly?
So who was the official scorer? And what relation were they to the home team?
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