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In My area there are so many games to cover and officials working, that there are about five assigners handling the boys and girls public school varsity and junior varsity games. So it seems like no one really addresses this issue until the playoffs roll around. I was lucky to get some playoff games in the first two rounds of the playoffs, so I don't have an argument. But,I felt that to make sure that the games were being covered by expierenced 3 person officials in the semi-finals and finals the assigners chose to call in the college officials. I then thought to make all of my assigners aware of my working knowledge of the 3 person rotation that I would try something different this season. I made photo copies of all of the certificates of completion that I received from the five 3 person camps that I attended over the summer.Then I mailed the copies to all of my assigners so that they would know that I continued to receive training during the summer in the 3 person rotation. Hopefully when the playoffs roll around this season and the subject of officials who know the 3 person comes up, I will be considered to work deeper into the tournament.
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