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Re: Re: All they have to do is ask.

Originally posted by bigwhistle


That is a very dangerous way to do it. Someone saying that they know 3 person mechanics does not mean that they really do, or that you would want them in the playoff games. They may be some of the worst officials in the area. Unfortunately, we all know officials that would "pad" their resumes in order to get the big game.
How else are you going to have information that determines whether an official has done 3 Person or not?

You either go by the standards in which you already had in place, or you ask officials for who has had some experience and use that to determine (not alone but just a factor) who does the games and who stays.

When my state went to 3 Person for all playoff games, they asked officials for games they had done or would be doing during the year to see who was doing 3 Person games or not. It of course was not the only factor, but for those that had experience it might have helped some. There was still several officials that had never done a single game of 3 Person and many mistakes were made.

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