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throw-in after double personal during free throw

Been playing and watching b-ball for 40 years and I don't think I've ever seen a double personal foul called. But I'm studying for my first exam.

A-1 is to shoot a free throw. A-2 and B-2, positioned along the lane, are called for a double personal foul as
(a) the official is bouncing the ball to A-1:
(b) A-1 is holding the ball at the line:
(c) A-1 is in the act of shooting:
(d) A-1ís shot is in the air:
(e) A-1ís shot is in the basket:

I think -
In (a) and (b) the official reclaims the ball, reports the fouls to the table, and then A-1 gets his shot; there's no throw-in.
In (d) there's no team control at the point of interruption; the shot counts if it's good; then the AP arrow determines who gets a designated-spot throw-in behind the end line.
In (e) the shot counts; the official stops play and reports the fouls, then B gets a throw-in with the run of the end line.
What about (c)?

Thanks for any thoughts.
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