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Originally Posted by chuckfan1 View Post
I dont think it was that...the students attending this camp were not just guys off the boat , new to the field. These were all officials who have been around, do college baseball, some at D1 level.
The instruction was advanced due to the caliber of instructors as well as the students. All there were well beyond that myth.
The camp/clinic was to advance our education on 3-man.

Parontos comment was one small aspect of the field demonstration he was giving. When he emphasized the "clearly" I took it as thats straight out of the book. I looked for it but couldnt find it. And was just asking if anyone could give me latitude/longitude of where that passage is in the book..thanks.
I agree with Bob. There are experienced officials who have a hard time banging the close one at first. Sounds like a hard sell approach to the 'tie goes to the runner".

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