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Originally Posted by chuckfan1 View Post
Just need a little GPS here...
Couldnt find it. Is it in there? OBR? Does it say "clearly" in the book?
OBR has conflicting statements about the "tie" situation anyway. In 605(j) he or first base is tagged "before" he touches first base. A "tie" would not constitute "before", and therefor the runner would be safe in a "tie" situation. In 708(e) he fails to reach the base "before" a fielder tags him or the base. Once again a "tie" would not be "before" and therefor the runner would be out in a "tie" situation. The word "clearly" in not in OBR. The term used is "before".

Personally, I like to watch 708(e) applied.

Maybe D1 on down should look into wood bats again to help speed up slow and high scoring games rather than making "everyone" a potential Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth.
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