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"Clearly" beat the throw?

Just need a little GPS here...
Was at the 3 man camp couple weeks ago in AZ. Paronto was there going over rules, new, etc..
At one point he was talking about the close play at first and said, paraphrasing..."BR must CLEARLY beat the throw"...seeming to indicate thats whats in the book. He strongly emphasized the "clearly"...
So, was having a discussion with a fellow umpire about this, and I tried finding it in the college rule book. Couldnt find it. Is it in there? OBR? Does it say "clearly" in the book? Or was Jim just speaking in general terms?

Out on the field, he also added to what Ive/weve been taught on taking those close plays. He said in addition to what we are already doing, glove/foot, also try to focus on the lead leg at the base......"if the leg is straight when it hits the base, and you hear the glove, its an out. If the leg is bent when you hear the glove, its safe.."
I tried it the past weekend...I liked it. Just seemed to give me one more piece of information to base my call.
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