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Originally Posted by ChuckElias View Post
I saw that score, Mick, and said out loud, "Jeez, that's a baseball score". I come here to post about the Sox and see you had the same thought. Did you see the QB run out of the endzone? Did he do it on purpose? I only saw the highlight once, but it looked like he forgot where he was. I can't imagine that, though.

Anyway, the Sox got the split they wanted, although not the mini-sweep that they would've loved. They don't have Lowell for this series and Beckett is just not himself. I don't think he's really healthy after his DL stint in September. He's trying to gut it out, but he just doesn't have it. Lester goes tomorrow, then either Dice-K or Wakefield. (Ortiz is not himself, either, but that goes back to his wrist injury.)
Yeah I thought that Orlovsky got lost, but I was lost, too.
I thought they played in Detroit, but Orlovsky and I were in Detroit.
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