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Originally Posted by topper View Post
I don't work baseball, so don't know their rules/interps other than what I have read on here. If this happened in a game I am working, I would probably rule safe. I was taught when considering control in these tag situations that if the ball comes out during an act associated with the tag itself, it is not controlled. To me, since the catcher's dive to make the tag was the same dive that dislodged the ball, he is still in the act of tagging the runner. However, I'm always open to enlightenment.
I briefly mentioned this in another post. For those who mistakenly () believe that the fielder must maintain control of the ball after the tag has been made and glove withdrawn, how do you compare that with losing control of a ball "on the transfer" after a force out at a base?

Is the logic not the same? Fielder touching base, catches the ball (out) and then drops it when trying to remove the ball to make a subsequent play.
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