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Originally Posted by SanDiegoSteve
Joe West is a crew chief. He is bound to get in the middle of any controversy that happens to his crew. He has only 4 ejections this year, which is quite average for MLB umpires at this time of year, and far fewer than the ejection leader has.

Please provide some direct quotes from coaches and players concerning Joe West. I've never heard that he was disliked at all. I've only heard good comments, even from umpire-bashing announcers. He always seems to be talked about in a positive light.
Joe, who I can say I will soon be a fellow alumnus of Elon University with, does have a reputation.

In a poll (I believe it was SI)among players in MLB, perhaps from 4 years ago, several questions were asked. Two of them included "Who is the umpire you want doing a big game" and "Who is an umpire you DONT want doing a big game".

Guess who was in the top 10 answers for both questions

Seriously though, all that matters is what the big wigs think of him; they are really the best to judge such a thing. And they seem to like him just fine.