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He was called out for "not returning immediately to first base." Watch it again. Absolutely correct call.

About West: You must be kidding. You're blaming West's umpire interference on his "wait?"

I watched the game live. I am one of the biggest Phillies fans alive. I didn't, for a second, blame West for this. Neither did Charlie Manuel, who was a bit confused at first, but accepted the decision without even coming close to getting angry. It's the reason the rule exists -- the umpire that's up in the slot can not be expected to get out of the way of such a thing. It's happened to me once in 20 years, but I enforced it and nobody said a thing other than "I didn't know there was such a rule."

West returned to baseball, was named a crew chief, and has been a WS crew chief and on some of the biggest games in baseball the past few years. So on this, you just have some personal hard-on for Joe, but you're way off base.