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What is going on with ML baseball umpires

Last nights games

1. Rays vs. the Angels

In the 8th inning Bj Umpton of the Rays hit a chopper down the first base line. He beat the play but for some strange reason 1BU Jerry Meals called Upton out saying that he made an attempt to go to second base.

For those that watch the ESPN highlight show perhaps the myth exists meaning if you turn to the left or even wink there automatically means you attempted to go to second base.

IMO, a horrible call and if a LLWS umpire made that call the Boards would be buzzing today.

2. Phillies vs. Nats

Our old buddy Joe West at it again.

The Nats F2 attempted a pickoff attempt of R1 and threw the ball into right field where the Phillies runner ended up on third base.

However, TIME was called by Joe West who ruled Umpire interference and sent the runner back to first base. In looking at the replays Joe needs to lose some wait.

These were 2 important games and if any of these type plays happened in game 6 / 7 of the World Series Don Denkinger could rest.

In Summary: If these plays happened in any amateur level game that was televised the boards would be BUZZING and the bashing would begin.

FWIW IMO the umpire union should not have asked Joe West back. He seems to be in the middle of just about most contoversies in major league baseball today. Also, I hope the Umpires take a long look at the rediculous call made by umpire Jerry Meals and give someone who is busting his hump in the minors a chance at the show.

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