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I'll hip check right into the dugout, then poach "your play" at HP too..
BU all the way.

But if I pull a hammy or something it's nice to know you'd be there for me.

Good one for ya. Last season, 18U.
3 man, with a couple guys I'd work anywhere with.
Even now.

Ch. game. Game 4 for all of us that day, hot tired, hungry all that...

1st batter, I mean lead off.
I'm in the bucket.
Batter rips what's looking like a smooth Dbl maybe even 3bagger if it stay's fair down the RF line.
U1 goes out.
I follow the BR.
BR gets about 3 strides from 1B, I just happen to glance over to check on U2.
Much to my surprise!! He's set up real nice at 3B, waving his fan in his face, he might even a had a drink in his hand; he ain't gonna get anywhere near
2nd base.
I check the touch of 1B and head to the cut out at 2nd. I get about 2 strides past the mound, all the while staring at my partner over by 3rd.
He finally realizes what's going on here: The look on his face was "worth" the extra effort.. Red faced look of horror.
The look on U1's face was pretty good too, as he came trotting on in from RF, we're like, oh yeah, he's in for it now...
BR glides in to 2B ball comes in from F4 to SS,,I quietly say "time", BR and SS were the only ones that heard me, no signal at all.

As I take a round about way towards 3RD, still looking somewhat at
2ND like time ain't out, U2's "dying" over there, he's wanting something to climb under..
I say, "ah the guy closest to the plate usually calls time", as I kinda raise my hands just a little. "time" he sings out..

We had some pretty good laughs at his expense the rest of the game.

Course me and U1 are signaling like it's 2man.

Every runner at 1B, U1 fakes a couple steps towards B etc.
Every base hit I'm juking towards 2nd.
Needless to say he (we as a matter of fact) had a great game the rest of the way, real nice and tight..

So it happens, best to be ready for it.
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