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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie
NCAA: Extend the period if B accepts the choice of enforcing their penalty and declining A's. Ball is put in play at the A14 on an untimed down. Likely a field goal will be attempted. There's no change in Team A options that I am aware of. They can decline Team B's foul, but that would put the ball at the 3 and we'd still have an untimed down.

This is one of those weird rules where B actually helped itself by committing a foul. Had they not committed one, the only way to extend the period was to give A back the ball and accept their foul. NCAA needs to rethink offsetting fouls.
REPLY: I know you're talking NCAA rules here, but if B declines the penalty for A's motion 's foul and then A declines the penalty for B's IBB, why are you saying there would be an untimed down? This would not be offsetting fouls, but rather a situation where there are no accepted penalties. The game would end, wouldn't it? This situation is the first exception to NCAA 10-1-4 which describes offsetting fouls.

Also, my original post was related to Federation rules where there is a 2008 change to this situation where Fed rules now coincide with NCAA. You're correct that there is no change to the NCAA rule for this situation.
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