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Not to hijack the thread and all.....

Originally Posted by Stat-Man
I'm not sure what all triggered the final action any more, but according to my archives, he decided....... .
This is an interesting discussion and I enjoy reading the great game recaps. And, while I too can remember some of my more memorable or "infamous" games, my hat is off to some of you with your outstanding details.

Stat-man however mentions his "archive," which leads me to this question - other than keeping records for tax purposes (game, school, mileage, score, partner, etc.), what other records (situations, controversies, game recaps, personal critiques) do any of you keep and for how long? For what purpose? Do you go back and look at them? Under what circumstances?

Previously, I've only kept the tax info and any reports I had to send to my assignor on game issues.

Just curious. Thanks.
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