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1. This play is HTBT: I would have to see where the batter was and what he was doing to rule on interference. As described, it SOUNDS like interference, in which case (a) with less than 2 outs as in your situation, R3 out, other runners return, or (b) with 2 outs, batter is out. The batter must get out of the way, which means getting away from the plate.

If the batter is in the way and there's a play, that's probably interference. If there's no play, what would the batter have interfered with?

2. Again, this is HTBT, since I'd need to see what the batter did. If he got out of the way and the throw still hit him, that's probably not interference; if he moved INTO the way and the throw hit him, that would probably be interference. If you rule interference on the batter, he's out and runners return.
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