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Correct ...

Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
Again, 2-13 is only applicable and relevant if the horn didn't sound or wasn't heard. In the situation being discussed, the horn DID sound and WAS heard. That's why socalreff's rule reference wasn't and isn't germane to this discussion in any way.
100% correct. At least your final sentence is well worded. socalref's wasn't germane to this specific situation. But he didn't pull the rule out of the sky, he pulled it out of the wrong section of the rule book, like using Rule 1-6 Free Throw Line to explain a false double foul. Please reread my earlier posts in this thread. As you may already know about me, I like to expand the limits of original posts, to make sure rookie officials fully understand some rules and interpretations. Again, you're right, in this specific case, but there is a rule that says if "someone" disagrees, the basket counts. The "someone" must be the table crew, not an official. socaref confused this important difference. I wanted to make sure that others, especially rookie officials, didn't as well.

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