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Originally Posted by JRutledge
Billy, he pulled it out of the sky because not only did the officials not disagree, that is not even relevant to the case we are talking about. And 2-13 is about timers, substitutes and equipment, which neither is at issue in this play. And 2-13 talks about the equipment failing and that also did not take place in this situation in any way.

I guess if a Martian came out of the sky and shot the calling official with a laser, then we might institute Rule 2-3, but that did not take place either. It is one thing to claim something took place and reference a rule, but that is not what took place at all. And that rules reference (which he has yet to give) had nothing to do with the table officials disagreeing. The table officials were not involved at all.

It was 68 seconds from the time the ball went in until the referee called it no good. Are you telling me that it would take them that long if they all agreed?
And if they weren't sure, why not ask the timer?

A.R. 14. In a game with no official courtside television monitor, the red light
or LED lights that signal the end of the last period cannot be seen nor
can the game-clock horn be heard. The officials disagree whether the
ball was in flight during a try for field goal or whether a foul occurred
before time expired.
RULING: The final decision shall be made by the referee. The official timer
shall indicate if the ball was in flight before the red light or LED lights signal
was activated or before the game-clock horn sounded only when requested
to do so by the referee. The referee shall use his or her best judgment; but
when the evidence for counting or not counting the goal or foul is equal, the
referee shall rule that the goal counts
and that the foul shall be charged. In
a game with an official courtside television monitor and a game clock with
a 10th-of-a second display, the status of the try for goal and the committed
foul shall be ascertained with the use of the courtside monitor.
(Rule 2-10.15.c)
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