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Originally Posted by BillyMac
I agree. The officials did not approach the table crew for help, and thus, in this specific case, this rule did not kick in.

I only referred to this rule to clear up, for rookie officials, coaches, and fans, who may view this Forum, your earlier post: "Where is the rules reference to back that up? Because there is nothing in any rule I have seen that says you can count a basket just because you are not sure. You pulled that out of the sky. That is why you have yet to show the reference yet."

If your "you" is only referring to officials, you are 100% correct, there is no rules reference. However, if there is such a rule reference if "you" refers to the table crew: Rule 2-13. So socalreff didn't pull the rule out of the sky, he pulled it out of the NFHS rule book, however, he confused the officials with the table crew.
Billy, he pulled it out of the sky because not only did the officials not disagree, that is not even relevant to the case we are talking about. And 2-13 is about timers, substitutes and equipment, which neither is at issue in this play. And 2-13 talks about the equipment failing and that also did not take place in this situation in any way.

I guess if a Martian came out of the sky and shot the calling official with a laser, then we might institute Rule 2-3, but that did not take place either. It is one thing to claim something took place and reference a rule, but that is not what took place at all. And that rules reference (which he has yet to give) had nothing to do with the table officials disagreeing. The table officials were not involved at all.

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