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Originally Posted by BillyMac
It depends who "you" is. If "you" means table crew, there is such a NFHS rule. If the crowd noise is so loud that the officials can't hear the horn, then they try to get help from the table. If the crew at the table can't agree, then use Rule 2-13: If table officials disagree, the goal shall count and/or the foul shall be penalized, unless the referee has knowledge which alters such ruling.
The officials (the referees in striped shirts) did not ask the table for help. The officials talked amongst each other and made a decision. And it does not appear that there is much disagreement amongst the official (in the striped shirts and one the floor) in any way.

Here is another thing I saw on another video. It might be possible that the officials did not feel the clock was started properly. So this is not just an issue of whether the shot got off in time, but if the time ran off the clock at the right time as well.

Here is that video I am referring to.

Another angle and uncut video from the shot to the discussion to the decision by the officials

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