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Originally Posted by socalreff
For someone who knows the rules as well as you do, that's a surprising response. Directly from the book:
"When the evidence for counting or not counting the goal is equal, the referee shall rule that the goal counts."
I'm going to assume some things, and we all know what that means, they huddled and decided that it wasn't good. I know what you're saying, I just don't think they all went Switzerland and would say what the heck, give it to them.

I'm probably wrong, but it's either a good or not good call based on what they saw and collectively decided. Can you imagine the comment, "We couldn't decide either way, so we gave them the basket".

Yet, as you stated it is in the 'good book'.

Tough, tough, tough call.

I still say from the video, it wasn't good.
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