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Originally Posted by BillyMac
A1 has ball for throwin in front of table. Long throwin pass across to the opposite side of court. Ball is not touched by any inbounds player. A2 is standing with one foot out of bounds, and one foot inbounds, on the sideline opposite the table. A2 catches throwin pass. Official near out of bounds catch blows his whistle, points back to the original throw in spot, tosses the ball back to the table side official who administered the throwin. That official administers the new throwin, giving the ball to B1 for the new throwin.

I thought the play seemed odd. After the game, they invited me to critique their game. I mentioned that I had questioned, in my mind, this play. I believed that the A2 caused the ball to go out of bounds, that it was not a throwin violation, and that B should have gotten the throwin at the spot nearest to where A2 caught the ball. The senior member of the crew agreed with me. The other two officials, including the official nearest the out of bounds player, who blew his whistle on the call, were not sure about the play. While they were showering, I looked through the casebook to find the correct interpretation, but couldn't find it. I'm sure that a Forum member could give me, not only the correct interpretation, but a citation to go with it. Please help.
Rule 9-3-2 and PENALTY.
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