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Many thanks to all

Thanks for all your responses, I know the pressure with the family dynamics
and influences to win. I have never had to ask for work. The officials lack of
communication with the coaches. most T's require some thought as to the reason they are called, many are black and white. In this case I was
amazed as to the lack of warning and the mild "complaining" that resulted in a T to the bench, then the coach, I have seen the gamut of relatively bizzare games, calls, fans and fools. this was so mild !

I am being asked to consider taking the program, as a Head coach, I will be meeting with the league officials for dinner next week.

Thanks for your time, I was asking for a clarification, not a frying or a

If any of you have coached and officiated, when the officials are unapproachable, (or the coaches arrogant) then it makes coaching
difficult. In storage, or misplaced, I have some guidelines for giving Technicals that was passed to me during training. The oficials I
respected most used these guidelines and were not afraid to reverse
a blown call.

Thanks again to all
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