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Lightbulb Canadian Ruling

Originally Posted by Shorty
If an airborne player jumps up in the endzone during a kicking play and catches the ball:
a) He is pushed (so-called force-out) and lands on the one yard line?
b) He is held and carried by an opponent to the one yard line?

In a) it must obviously be team Bs ball on the one yard line, 1. and 10. But in b), is it really also team Bs ball on the one yard line, or could we award a touchback? The rule only states that if a player is carried backwards, the forward progress spot is from where he would have landed had he not been carried. But this seems somewhat unfair to me, as it would certainly not be in team Bs interessest to get the ball on the one yard line.

Good question! If B goes dead in his EZ, it's B-1D/10 @ B-20. B's forward progress might be involuntarily pushed to the field of play, which means that the results is B-1D/10 @ B-1.

I'm going with B-1D/10 @ B-1.
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