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Originally Posted by buckrog64
It's also over and back when there is a 'scrum' as I would call it near the division line, where two teams are fighting over a loose ball. If A last touches it in the front court in this chase for the ball, and they are the first to touch it in the back court, then you have O&B there as well as far as I am concerned. Team control exists when the ball is being passed and during an interrupted dribble. Again, the fans don't like the call, but in most cases, I've taken the approach that O&B is much easier call to make most of the time because the rule takes the guess work on how the ball made it into the back court, who touched it last and then first, etc. It then becomes a judgement on who you saw touch it last and if it's close, you can usually get away with making a no-call when in the back court. But I guarantee, most people in the stands do not understand this rule.
Only if Team A had control before the scrum, right?
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