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Originally Posted by MOofficial
I need some advise. I recently got invited to a D1 camp in the midwest. Some of the clinicians will be Gerry Pollard, Steve Welmer, Brad Ferrie and other March madness officials along with many Big XII officials.

The camp is $550 to go to. Here is the problem. This is my 3rd year officiating and I am 20 years old. I have been in college basketball for 1 year working the NAIA D2 level. Is it worth my time to go and see where I stand up or would I just be spinning my wheels going? Come on vets, give me some good advise
Dale Kelley's camp? Its a great experience. Advice - Bring pants. It says shorts are ok but everyone there treats this camp like a job interview. Look your best and thank everyone for their feedback whether you like it or not. Do not argue any points with any clinicians. If they give you an adjustment they want you to make, make it immediately. Ie - where you stand on the court in a certain situation.

I would say go. At 20 you are investing in getting on their radar. You may have to go several times to get picked up so, the sooner you get started the better.
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