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Originally Posted by greymule
In ASA, the moment the team drops below the limit, the game is forfeited.

I don't know how Fed handles shorthanded situations.
NFHS: 4.3 A game is forfeited when (1.g) a team cannot provide eight players in the batting order to finish a game, or (3.8.c) when a half inning ends and the team assumes a defensive position.

My interpretation is that the game ends when the empty spot comes to bat, or when the team cannot field eight on defense. Note that we do not know the team cannot field eight until the player actually is missing at bat or in the field. A late arrival, while not on the official line, is allowed to play, thus the team can legitimately state they are waiting for another player.

Note also that a player that is on base and cannot continue can be replaced by the most recent batter not on base (4.3.1.g); that certainly indicates the NFHS's intent to allow the game to continue until the "drop-dead" point.

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