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In ASA, the moment the team drops below the limit, the game is forfeited. I've seen it happen many times from ejections in SP.

Other codes are different. In Babe Ruth softball, for example, the forfeit doesn't materialize until a shorthanded team cannot field a full team or produce the proper batter. It's a strange rule. For example, with the 4 spot due to bat but empty because of a missing player, the number 5 batter comes up and singles. The defense appeals BOO. Ruling: The nonexistent number 4 is out, and number 5 bats again. However, if before number 5 completed her at bat, the defense called attention to the BOO, then the batting team forfeits because they can't produce the proper batter.

Another strange difference in Babe Ruth is that although you can't play 1 down as in ASA, you can (to prevent going 1 down as a result of injury or ejection) re-enter "used" substitutes who would normally not be eligible to play. The opposing coach picks the kid to be entered into the lineup.

I don't know how Fed handles shorthanded situations.
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