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Originally Posted by FeetBallRef
Yes by all means. Many officials (including numerous Rules Interpretors) believe it is D.
1) Rule 9-8 says that a player or team cannot be in continuous control of a ball in their backcourt for ten seconds.
2) In the original post, Dribbler A1 had player and thus team control in the frontcourt. Rule 4-12-1.
3) When B1 knocked the ball loose, dribbler A1 lost player control but Team A did NOT lose team control.Rule 4-12-4.
4) The loose ball gained backcourt status as soon as it touched the backcourt. Rule 4-4-1.

Put 'em together and waddaya got? Bippity boppity boo....

You have a team that now has team control of the ball in the backcourt as soon as the ball touched in the backcourt. That's why the count begins at that time.

Jdw nailed it.

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