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Originally Posted by M&M Guy
While this is allowed, I'm not sure it should be used in the OP's case. ronny did not see the specific person who threw the bottle. The player confronted who he thought threw the bottle. So, I'm not sure guessing on this call is the right thing to do, especially since the Fed. mentions it is also a call we should use discretion in making.
"bottle comes out of the student section and hits #23 in the head."

Don't misunderstand my opinion on this one. In 12 years of HS officiating, I have never charged a technical foul to a spectator or member of the crowd. This is one case in which I would have done so. Here you have a thrown object that clearly comes from the student section of the home school, which doesn't just come onto the floor or come near a player or official, but actually strikes a GUEST player in the head! What type of action are you waiting to see before you assess a technical foul? Do you want someone to come out of the stands and assault a visiting player?

The fact is that the action which took place was clearly egregious and no way to treat the GUESTS from the other school. Please remember that this is HS athletics. Notice that I called the visitors the guests. That is what they are and how they should be treated.

In fact, if the game management had not escorted all of the students out, I would not have continued the game. If there is any question about the safety of the student-athletes and officials when taking the floor, then we are not going to play.

It also seems from the logic expressed in your opinion that you would disagree with removing all of the students because the individual who threw the bottle wasn't seen and couldn't be clearly identified. Do you think that it is unjust to remove all of the students in the crowd? Aren't they guessing on the removal and shouldn't they be using more discretion lest they unfairly punish someone? That's the crux of your statement, right?
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