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Originally Posted by REFVA
I spoke out at our last meeting last week about bench decorum and the assignor and commissioner both looked at me like you better not follow that rule.
Really? They told us the exact opposite out here. In fact, if we don't take care of business it will affect our post-season selection.


For the 2007 - 08 season, CHSAA basketball has made a commitment to see substantial improvement in the enforcement of appropriate bench decorum. This commitment is a continued effort to promote and encourage positive sporting behavior among the CHSAA membership. This commitment is in cooperation with the CHSAA / IAABO Board 4 basketball officials.

Throughout the season, the following rules and guidelines shall direct officials and coaches in the administration of bench decorum:

Head coaches and other bench personnel who engage in the following unsporting actions, in or out of the coaching box, are in violation of the bench decorum rules and should be assessed, without, warning, a direct technical foul (Excerpted from the NF basketball rule book rule 10-4-1)

Disrespectfully addressing an official (i.e., questioning the integrity of an official, voicing displeasure about officiating through continuous verbal remarks).
Attempting to influence an official's decision (i.e., physically charging toward an official).
Using profanity or language that is abusive, vulgar, or obscene (i.e., directed toward an official, opponents, or anyone).
Disrespectfully addressing, baiting or taunting an opponent.
Objecting to an official's decision by rising from the bench or using gestures (i.e., excessively demonstrating by use of gestures or actions that indicate displeasure with officiating).
Inciting undesirable crowd reactions.
Entering the playing court unless done with permission of an official to attend to an injured player.

The rule (10-5-1) states that the head coach shall remain in his/her team's coaching box. A head coach is outside the coaching box when he or she is clearly and completely outside of the prescribed coaching box.

By rule, a head coach may legally leave the coaching box during play only under the following conditions: to confer with personnel at scorer's table to request a timeout for a correctable error as in rule 2-10, or to prevent or rectify a timing or scoring mistake or alternating possession mistake.

However, if a head coach is found to be outside the coaching box appropriately communicating with officials, coaching his/her team, engaged in miscellaneous legal activity or minor conduct infractions a single warning shall be issued. Subsequent infractions will result in a direct technical foul.

The head coach is responsible for the conduct and behavior of all bench personnel (all individuals who are part of or affiliated with a team, including, but not limited to; substitutes, coaches, manager(s) and statisticians(s).

NOTE: Game officials will be responsible to enforce the aforementioned guidelines throughout the season; consistency in doing so will affect post season CHSAA selection and assignments.

CHSAA 11/10/07 CH/TR
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