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Assume JO game, ASA Championship Play as a TD

[quote]You (plate umpire) and your partner (base umpire) walk on to the field and see a player dressed differently (warm ups and a head scarf). ASA says that all players must dress alike and the rest of the team is in shorts and ball caps. What do you do?[quote]

Unless the sweats are the same color scheme as the team uniform, they've got to go.

It doesn't look gang related.
Don't care, nor relevant


The player's head scarf (not a dew rag or hankerchief), IS a part of her religious beliefs. So now how do you rule?
If it is manufactured as headwear it is legal as long as it is the same color as the headwear her teammates are wearing and it is worn as a headband.

I know I'll hear about this one, but I really don't care about the player's religious beliefs. The player and parents voluntarily joined the team and signed an ASA roster. When they signed the roster, they agreed to play under the rules put forth by ASA.

They agreed to conform to the rules, not to expect the rules to conform to them. If it is that important to the player and her parents, they should convince the other players to conform to her by wearing similarly colored headwear or none at all which would alleviate any issue with the headwear.

What if the young lady was wearing a dew rag and she was bald because of Chemotherapy?
The player can wear a cap and I really don't care why the player is bald. Again, the player signed the roster and agreed to play by the rules.

That is my "official" stance. In a game, I probably would not care unless there is an issue raised by an opponent, then everything reverts to the official stance.

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