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Originally Posted by Scrapper1
No offense, but it didn't. I only use NCAA rules, so that's I all I have to go by. Sorry for any confusion. (And in my own defense, I clearly stated I was using NCAA rules in my citation, so hopefully that mitigated any confusion.)

In the following post...
In NHFS, delay is also called if you notice the illegal replacement of a libero. My question is if you notice this illegal action a second time in a match, is it still a delay call or is it an automatic side out/point as my clinician said?
You replied:

"A team delay is sanctioned with a warning (team yellow card) on the first occasion and a penalty (team red card -- loss of rally) on any subsequent occasion during the same game, regardless of the reason."

It sounds to me like your clinician is correct.
The post clearly referred to NFHS rules, and you replied with an NCAA reference to back up the (incorrect) ruling by the clinician. That's what Jan and I were referring to. NFHS rules do not use the team delay sanction scale, so your answer, while correct for NCAA reference, is incorrect under NFHS rules, and provided an incorrect answer to the question posed.

Please do not use NCAA rules as the backup when the post asks for an NFHS reference. There are times we use NCAA rules as guidance when NFHS hasn't specifically addressed a situation, but in this instance, that doesn't apply.
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