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Originally Posted by mccann
I am with you Dakota on this one. I would hope that if I as a Blue go out and have a not so good ball game, that my fellow Blue would not judge my ability. On the flip side of the post. If this Blue makes up calls or rules as he goes, where is his partner that could over rule his calls.I will close by saying that if they continue to just ignore him, and let him continue, they are only hurting the teams
The problem is not that he makes mistakes. The problem is that he, quite obvious to everyone who has dealt with him, just doesn't give a flying flip. He's walked off the field because "it's my birthday." He's made up rules, as I've talked about in other posts (and also mentioned in this thread by another umpire). He provides commentary and criticism on the game as he's calling it, much to the ire and frustration of the players. All the while, he has an air of superiority and arrogance that makes him unapproachable.

And to be honest, I hope he reads this thread, and I will have no problem telling him, "yeah, I posted that, and it's the truth."

Other umpires who have bad games will always have me covering their back. I know I've certainly had my fair share. However, this guy is one umpire whose back I will not have - because I won't work with him. My assignor knows this, and in talking with other umpires in our crew, I'm not the only one. Our assignor is finding that he's only able to put very few people with this guy, and I'm not sure why he keeps him.

Singling out an umpire for bad calls is not a habit of mine, but this guy is just that bad.

I haven't decided if I should call it from the dugout or the outfield. Apparently, both have really great views!

Screw green, it ain't easy being blue!

I won't be coming here that much anymore. I might check in now and again.

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