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Originally Posted by tcblue13
We don't have ASA in the triad but I am always hopeful. I would like to have the constant evaluation and critique as well as the firm standard that ASA ball offers. The closest ASA to the triad is Burlington. A little far but I have gone much farther to do Fed games. GSO used to be ASA but switched to NSA a few years back. I really don't know why.
Most of the ball in this area is ASA, with one town that uses USSSA (not sure why, either). Since a lot of the people in this area are very fluid in moving around from Durham to Raleigh to Apex to Cary to Holly Springs, etc., it's nice to have consistent use of one association's rule books. Makes it easier on the players, as well as those of us who want to call some games. I can go to any of these towns and call.

I haven't decided if I should call it from the dugout or the outfield. Apparently, both have really great views!

Screw green, it ain't easy being blue!

I won't be coming here that much anymore. I might check in now and again.
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