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Originally Posted by Splute
JR I always appreciate your rules references. I shall read it again with these insights in mind.

I also want to understand why there are, imo, so few calls on the defense while "trapping" the offensive player usually during presses (in the games I have watched officiated since getting involved). Its seems many pushing calls and hack calls are passed on. Is this game management or simply viewed as no adv/disadv? I realize this is a general comment and difficult to respond to without seeing an actual play, but in general through your experiences and those you have witnessed.....
First off, not all contact is a foul. It is that simple. If a player is being trapped, the defense is allowed to hold their position. Also no veteran official that knows the game is going to bail out an offensive player that is being trapped. If they do not want to be trapped, they should not have dribbled or passed into such a position. Also the offense does not have the right to move out defensive players that have established their position either. So the offense cannot throw elbows to create space or lower their shoulder which happens as well.

Every player is allowed to their position on the floor. So if the defense legally attained their position, they are allowed to keep it. And in a trap there is always going to be some kind of contact. The issue is always is the contact legal or illegal.

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