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Years ago, when Rick Adelman was the coach of the Blazers, his son David played in our local kids rec league. I was working a game in which he kind of ran in circles in front of defenders when his team had the ball, but he never made any contact, even though the defenders then stopped or changed direction. Some parent from the other team yelled at me that "he can't just barge through there like that and you wouldn't let him if he was anyone else's kid."

At the next break, I told the parent I would be glad to sell him a rule book so he could learn that there was no foul if there was no contact and if he impugned my integrity again about favoring players, I would toss him out on his head. His kid's coach turned around and yelled at his to shut his trap, then the coach apologized to me on the guy's behalf.

OK, here's a separate story about Rick. Before the season, he came to watch our no-cut tryouts. There were about 100 kids there that night for those particular grade levels. I told him he should be scared. When he asked why, I told him he was looking at 100 unrestricted free agents. He replied, "Man, that is scary!"
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