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Illegal screen - lack of contact

I had a play that occurred a number of times in a game I just reffed that I was looking for opinions on how it should have been handled. A1 is dribbling around, and then stops to look for a place to pass. A2 is moving into position to receive the pass, but first, clearly interferes with B1's movements by moving around in front of them, and then turns to receive the pass. There was little to no contact during this.

The screen A2 set was clearly illegal, because she was moving around in the path of B1, causing her to pull up short and have to change directions, or be cut off from going where whe was going before A2 started moving around in front of her. A2 clearly benefited from the movements, because it put her in position to receive a pass which led to an easy layup.

The lack of actual contact is where I have my question. Can/Should you call an illegal screen without contact?

I'll reserve my calls (or no-calls) for after the opinions have been posted. Thanks!
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