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Originally Posted by debeau
People , the situation is as it stands .
Thats what happened , so , what do you do .
Dead ball .
If another fielder had a chance to make a play then interference , if not return runner to 1st base .
1) Oh come on, even your answer has a variable. You cant say "take the scenario as its written" and then answer:
"well its either ____ or its ___".

This scenario lacks and is poorly written.

2) I dont agree a deflected ball that hits a runner is an immediate DB.

You have to delay that call (even if for only a split second) and determine if there is INT.

The primary criteria with INT is that there is Interference.

A deflected ball which hits a runner is not an immediate dead ball. Interference and DB when the runner interferes with a fielder who has a chance to make an out from a deflected ball.
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