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Power Trip...

I wouldn't say the owner is on a power trip, at least for his reasoning on the penalty for ejection.

If you haven't been to CDP yet, you and the coaches will hear it a few times that if he's Ejected that he will be escorted to the cabin to pack up and be escorted to the front gate. No money back or nothing. He is even digitally removed from the team picture. They do stand behind the umpire and don't reverse the ejection. However, they will review your handling of the situation and supposedly will kick you out if you just Eject to do it.

If it is justified, you'll be fine. I've gone three years and only had one coach come out to question me on a ruling. These coaches actually know the game a little. More than those in your local leagues.

They understand the policy and control theirselves.

How embarassing that would be and what a way to ruin a vacation.
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