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Originally Posted by coach2535
OZZY6900 - Thanks for concise answer. Certainly better then a shrug.

Not looking for sympathy, simply an understanding into proper protocol. We teach these kids to respect umpires at this age to avoid bigger problems at a later age.

When I ask, should a reasonable PU warn for this type of non verbal behavior, I am refering to the spirit of the rule concerning argueing balls and strikes. If raising ones hands in disbelief of a strike call constitutes an ejection, then would an eye roll also constitute an ejection?

In this case the opposition might protest the un-ejection. Had the ejection stood we either go home or play with 8. Would have made a big difference in the game as we won 7-4.
A reasonable umpire can eject for this type of behavior. Not only is it arguing the call, it is incredibly disrespectful to the umpire. What is the purpose of a display of disbelief? It is to communicate with everyone that the umpire doesn't know what he's doing.

Now, where I work this level, we don't eject players below u12, but he would be written up.
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