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ejection question

10U USSSA tournament game. During pregame conference PU has warned both sides against argueing, etc and has established himself as a stern, untolerable PU. We are playing with 9 players, no subs available.

Game is going smoothly in the 3rd inning when we are up to bat. Our hitter takes a strike and in disbelief of the call looks at the 3rd base coach, raises his hands to his sides, and telepathically tells the coach the pitch stunk. Not something we teach, but I would agree it's not respectful. The PU calls time and screams to the batter "you are ejected from this game". The batter retreats to the dugout, and out comes the head coach. PU tells coach that "it's the second time he has done it", and "it is a poor reflection of your coaching". Coach emphatically denies he teachs that, and asks why a warning was not issued. PU states he did the same thing during his last at bat. Coach grabs the scorebook and says "here look at it, he struck out swinging on 3 pitches last time up". PU now confers with BU and to my amazement- unejects the player.

My questions are: Should a reasonable PU warn the player or coach in this sitch?

Can a player, once tossed, be allowed back in the game.

Is this protestable by the other team.

Thanks guys, love this site and respect all you do.
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