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Originally Posted by Dakota
I disagree that you either need to be a scientist, that the rule does nothing, and that what was done at one ASA national defines an official interpretation.

Just look at / feel the ball - is there a foreign substance on it? Yes - illegal; no - legal. It is a judgment call; you are not being asked to set a national precedence based on your ruling on the field of one game.

Sorry, I would need OJ Simpsons laboratory testers to differentiate between all the various substances on a ball at a mens FP tourney, even when they arent overtly using a substance.

Originally Posted by mcrowder
I'm having a problem seeing where ASA is unclear on this (except the brief mention that it was allowed for some reason at Men's Nationals). Seems to me that it's clearly NOT allowed. And I've never had a problem disallowing it's use, and have been backed up on protest 100% of the time it came up.

Is this a local thing?
No its not a local thing.. its allowed by ASA at nationals too.

ASA is unclear on it because they ignore it.

If I wanted to OOO this issue, I'm sure I could win a protest. I'm not their mother, I'm an official.. gimme a ruling from ASA (heck, ASA doesnt even have to take a bunch of effort.. a nice monthly clarification on the web would tie this up nice and neatly.)

But nope, ASA is obviously running from it.

Originally Posted by CecilOne
Why not?

There is no ruling from ASA on this matter.

Originally Posted by IRISHMAFIA
It was done at the NC last year in South Bend, IN from the reports I received from an umpire assigned to the tournament. From what I gathered, they were told to remove the balls from the game when realized, but there was no indication that they were to look for boogers.

Much of this may have to do with the competition with ISC which has minimal restrictions on pitchers.
Thats putting it nicely..

It was out and out allowed by proxy..

Ie "we dont see it, everyones happy so lets play ball"

Thats about my ruling.
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