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Originally Posted by azbigdawg
Record EVERY SINGLE substitution, courtesy runner, and conference...EVERY ONE. Do NOT..Do NOT,,,, let anyone tell you any different..If you DONT do it, you WILL be bitten in the butt at some point in time.
What Darrel said.
Take the time to do it right - the first time.
I am very particular about who I want to take a piece of my, well nevermind that.
In the one tournament I've worked for Mike, yes, he did say that he'd want to see lineup cards in the event of an on-field conflict he had to get involved in.
Clinics I have been to that had games involved - after game review of lineup cards was a big deal.
You have apparently seen some of the issues that can come up with poor lineup card handling. Add to that the possibility of weather suspending the game and a different umpiring crew having to resume the game - with what as a lineup card?!?
Proper lineup card handling also helps with your appearance to both teams - here's an ump who gets it right.....
As for your game, absolutely you did that correctly. In my high school pre-game get together at the plate, I'll review the lineups, get each coach to agree that names, numbers, and positions are correct. I'll end that part with something like "Please run all changes through me. I will not allow us to have lineup card issues." It sounds very much like that is what you did.
Steve M
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