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I certainly don't call NCAA games, so I'm not a very good "source" for your question.

However, by my read, the rulings I suggested above would still apply to your situation because the Batter interfered with the Catcher's attempted play at 2B, not home. As soon as his immediate throw did not retire the R1 attempting to steal 2B, the ball is dead. That would be at the point in time the F6 caught the catcher's throw.

Batter is out, R1 & R3 return to TOP base. If batter had struck out on the pitch, R1 is out on his teammate's interference, and the R3 is returned to 3B.

If any of the NCAA knowledgeable posters say something different in regard to your sitch, I would suggest believing them rather than me.

Finally, be courteous, impartial and firm, and so compel respect from all.
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