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Originally Posted by Snaqwells
Let's see.

I maintain that the 10 second violation would still not apply during a throwin even if team control does, because the ball does not get BC status until either it or the player touching it touches the BC. This would not be happening on a throwin.

If you define a throwin as having team control, then you would need to start the 10 second count once the inbounds pass touched the floor in the BC, or once it was tipped by a player from either team in the throwin team's BC.

Adding "in bounds" to the 10 second violation definition would do nothing to change that, however, so the definition would need to be tweaked further to prevent that.

I will concede that the 3 second count would need to start during a throwin (if an offensive player was in the lane) if team control is added; based strictly on the phrase in red above.

This could be rectified by adding "or out of bounds" to article 2. As article 2 is worded, the ball has front court status during a throwin no matter where the throwin is spotted. Adding team control to a throwin would also require an exception to the backcourt rule unless the phrase "or out of bounds" is added to 4-4-2.
The one you forgot, that would still make things unclear:


ART. 1 . . . The frontcourt of a team consists of that part of the court between its end line and the nearer edge of the division line, including its basket and the inbounds part of the backboard.

ART. 2 . . . The backcourt of a team consists of the rest of the court, including the entire division line and the opponent's basket and inbounds part of the opponent's backboard.
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